Join Us, Intrepid Travelers, and Raise Arms Against Evil!

In the Dragon Coast area of the Forgotten Realms, there have been some recent troubles. A burgeoning Fire Cult has sprung up, right under the noses of the denizens of Tarmalune, and it is up to us to stop them!

At least, they were in Tarmalune… We chased them to Sambral where a perfume den and a Firebird awaited us, then to Ramekho, where one of our number absconded with some Flamesoul Gems like a dragonborn possessed, and that chase led us to a battle with a young Volcanic Dragon! By that time, Kriv had already teleported away, possibly with help from a ritual caster, to the other side of the bay. There, in the small town of Dyrfan, more trouble awaits, with a promise of riches and glory… if only you can survive to claim it.

Marching Towards Dawn